The end of the meal begins the start of our story.

In Italy, dating back to Medieval times, there is a tradition known as ‘fare la scarpetta’ - to ‘make a little shoe’ with your bread to mop up the sauce at the end of a meal.

Every savoury drop.

This heart-warming, stomach-filling ritual is something we can all relate to; in relaxed company, relishing every morsel until the last mouthful. Not wasting anything.

Bread and gravy.

It’s the simple pleasures.


The Little Shoe is a British restaurant serving a range of small plates inspired by the seasons.

Founded by Charlotte (owner/GM of the successful East Avenue Bake House on the same Bold Street site), and Paul, a Head Chef with vast culinary experience from some of the UK’s best restaurants. Our aim is to share our passion for quality seasonal British produce and great service in a relaxed environment.

We are passionately and proudly independent, family owned and managed. We have a fantastic relationship with our suppliers, aiming to source from as close to home as possible. We are also working hard to be a zero-waste and eco-friendly business, taking measures at every step to achieve this.


We offer the same standard of service, in beautiful surroundings at our Bold Street restaurant and in the iconic St. George’s Hall.

Our expertise also expands to bespoke events catering including weddings, business lunches/corporate events, family parties and baby showers.